On-Site Support

Our support services can be retained on a scheduled basis or utilised as needed charged on an hourly rate. It is more efficient for both of us if we understand your computer setup prior to any problems arising.
Phone Bluewater IT to arrange a free no obligation visit to your office to help prepare for any future problems.


Can’t connect to the internet? Computer won’t boot? Suspect you have viruses. Backup failing. Printer not working. These are just some of the problems experienced daily by our clients. Our experienced technicians can solve most problems quickly and get you back up and running.

At Bluewater IT we understand that computer problems can be costly to your business due to downtime and lost productivity. Fast and efficient service is our motto!


Every school requires regular on-site support to manage their computers and networks. We provide onsite technicians for regular hours or days per week to provide all the required support services. Our staff are all familiar with the DECS environment and generally work across several schools gaining valuable knowledge of different systems used by each school.

Remote Support

Using remote support software we are able to organise access directly onto your desktop to fix your problems without the need to visit onsite. We only do this once you have started our software and provide the security details.